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Made in TOKYOであり続けることへの思いは、靴作りにおいて、常に日本の最先端でありたいと思う意思の表れでもあります。




Since foundation in 1956, we’ve been seeking after the skills to wish for the beauty,that skills have been taking over from vereran craftmans to young,and still improving our skillls.

and, Our factory that has the craftmans, is located in Tokyo,where is the latest in fashion.


why is it in Tokyo?


because we catch vogue at all times,and seek after the line that’s going along at the time,we need how to make the shoes that’s going along at the time.and keeping making them in Tokyo,where is the latest in fashion.The Wish for Made in Tokyo is the will that we want to be cutting edge in Japan constantly.


APOLLO fuctory promise you to improve the skills, day by day so that we can create shoes that each person, people who have different values can feel them more baautiful.

- T A C K S -


Mr.Saguchi, 75years old

Manchining craftman

“A tack into mouth ”

He first makes a tack into mouth when start manchining.

generally, if you make a tuck into mouth,you can not deny great disaster and an inury in mouth,if you are not careful.

but they’re not afraid of that, can close and prepare an aculeate nail.

turn to pull, an angle, Timing to move to next action.

Skill that bodily are created and accumulated experience miht give the gift for them.


Mr.kinei,32years old

Manchining craftman

“ Hitting a tack with the pincer”

when start manchining,He hits a tack with Pincer.

it makes your hands undirty, more speedy than, hit a tack by hands.

The pincer helps a set of work by itself,as if like his hands.

Mr.Kinei can work like smart with his originality.

The expectation of his future is increasing.

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